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College Exhibits




Dinossaurs from Montana” - University of Kansas-Vertebrate Paleontology. Booth/exhibit will feature some nice casts of dinosaur skulls and bones.

All That Glitters Isn’t Gold” - MCC-Maple Woods  Many miner- als with a golden hue actually have no gold in them what-so- ever, and this display contain examples of many. But don’t be fooled! All that glitters may not be gold, but no matter what it, it is still amazing!

“Sandbox” - University of Kansas-Invertebrate Paleontology. There will be a sandbox with invertebrate fossils for children to hunt through as well as information about the fossils they find.

Exhibit from The University of Kansas-Invertebrate Paleontolo- gy. Fossils from the middle Cambrian will be displayed of a variety of interesting and rare middle Cambrian fossils.

“Specimens from UMKC’s Sutton Museum of Geosciences” - University of Missouri-Kansas City. A display of excellent speci- men’s from the UMKC museum.

“Student Field Experiences”- Northwest Missouri State University The showcase features mineral and rock samples collected by students  during departmental  field trips  over  the  past  year. Samples were collected at sites in southeastern Missouri, Minnesota, and the Colorado Plateau region.

Pennsylvanian Plants of the Midwest” - University of Kansas- Paleobotany Department.  An exhibit of various 300 million year old plant fossils, many found locally.

Bill Boltze Lake Superior Agate Collection and the Washburn Meteor” - Washburn University. The exhibit will feature a collec- tion of agates found in the glacial deposits in and around Topeka, KS and a 29 lb. nickel-iron meteor that is 1/4 of one found in Chile in 1875.