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62nd Annual KC Gem

& Mineral Show

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, we can answer here some of those questions that seem to be asked by many different people concerning the Association and the Gem and Mineral Show. Of course,if you don't see the answer to your question here, we are always happy to try to answer it.


Q - I am a dealer and would like to participate in your show. How do I go about getting included?

A - Contact our Dealer Chairman for details. Retail dealer space is limited and changes from year to year. The Dealer Chairman will know the current state of affairs concerning the retail dealer situation.


Q - When is the Fall Show?

A - It is, typically, the first weekend in November However, The Association of Earth Science Clubs of Greater Kansas City does not sponsor this show and we don't have specific information about it. The fall show is held at the same location as the March show. For more information check www.showsofintegrity.com


Q - How do I contact one of the dealers from your last show?

A - You should get all pertinent contact information on a specific dealer while you are at the show. However, if you fail to do that, we will try to provide you with the information you need.


Q - How can I get into the Wholesale Area?

A - We don't sponsor the Wholesale Area...but typically you will need a valid tax ID in the gem, mineral, beading, jewelry, and/or lapidary trades to gain access. You must pay for your admission to the Gem & Mineral Show and then you will need to register at the entrance to the Wholesale area.


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