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62nd Annual KC Gem    

    & Mineral Show

FEATURE EXHIBIT: JEWELRY/SILVERSMITHING, Dr. CARLYLE H. SMITH, Professor who came to KU in 1947, by invitation, established the first jewelry and silversmithing program at a state university and spent the next 30 years teaching and mentoring numerous students.  Examples of his award winning work at at the Smithsonian, DC, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and of course the Spencer Museum at KU.

FLUORESCENT MINERAL DISPLAY — Presented by Dan & Connie Snow; Show-Me Rockhounds; KCMO: Back by popular request, a spectacular display of fluorescent minerals that demonstrate the amazing colors that are revealed when exposed to shortwave and long wave ultraviolet light. The display features minerals from the famous deposits at Franklin, NJ as well as from other U.S. localities. Some newer material are included at this presentation. The Snow’s have received awards for their presentation materials from the Midwest Federation of Mineralogical Societies as well as form the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies. The presentation will be in Salon D shown at the following times : Each hour listed there are at least three presentations, each 15 to 20 minutes long. Friday10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm, & 6 pm. Saturday 10 am,12 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm, 6 pm, Sunday 10 am,12 pm, 2 pm,4 pm.

MODERN STONE AGE ART BY DALE CANNON – Collection of the late Lou and Rick Harms of Independence, MO, the Show-Me Rockhounds of KC, presents a display of eighteen finely crafted obsidian/flint/agate knives by Dale Cannon.  A Citizen Potawatomi Nation Member, who is well known World Wide, for pioneering the blade/stone handle combination knives.

UNION STATION SCIENCE CITY/DINO LAB — “The Dinosaur Road Trip”, Kansas City, MO. The Dino Lab will display a selection of fossils representative of the various projects currently underway by staff volunteer paleontologists and associates.

“CALCITE” COLLECTION BY KEVIN CONROYCalcite is a common mineral, but it can form in a variety of crystal habits and colors, and may have other minerals in association.

FRIENDS OF MINERALOGY: Is That a Real Mineral? - Presented by Mississippi Valley Chapter of the Friends of Mineralogy.  A display featuring unusual minerals, odd mineral habits, unusual associations and other natural mineral oddities.

THE ART OF FLINT KNAPPING—ROY MOTLEY & BEAR CARPENTER: Demonstrations by Roy Motley and Bear Carpenter, along with their various knapping friends, will be given continuously throughout the show. These highly accomplished artists will exhibit the shaping (knapping) of flint, chert, etc. into weapons (arrowheads, spear points, knives, etc.) and tools. Mr. Motley is a long time exhibitor at our shows, and is always eagerly anticipated. Mr. Carpenter is well known for his design and fabrication of unique knives. 

MR. BONES – Tim Seeber; Louisville, CO  Back by popular demand, once again, Tim and his friendly life sized dinosaur puppets will be stalking amazed children (and several adults) around the show arena during show hours.  Beware or you will be eaten!

Alloy Demonstrations: A Metalsmithing Community will have a typical professional jewelers bench to demonstrate. Displayed will be the tools necessary to design and fabricate unique jewelry items.  Procedures and processes of developing individualized creations from precious metals, gemstones and materials will be shown. Alloy provides the hands on instruction, venue and opportunity for the beginner as well as advanced individuals to gain experience and capability in their chosen and specialized interests.     

LUCA’S PET ROCKS — Luca, The Community Helper, Inc. from Oak Grove, MO is a 9 year old boy who with his friends and grandma, paints rocks to raise money for worthy causes. His recent work has benefitted the Sni Valley Fire Protection District and Oak Grove Police Department for the purchase of needed  equipment. 

WALK THROUGH STORY BOOK – Judy Oetting; Levasy, MO. A  geological  experience, don’t miss Judy’s Giant Storybook, It is a hands on exhibit geared to the younger set but everyone can learn about rocks and minerals that formed the beautiful planet we call home. Also there are many interesting exhibits on Fossils, the inland sea, and our glacial history.












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